HR toolkit

Promoting vacancies

Top tips

Job roles and adverts should be as clear as possible for young people new to the sector or new to the world of work.

Use the following top tips when advertising a new role suitable for 16-24 year olds and when refreshing your existing documents.

Keep it simple

  • Avoid using jargon. Let a new team member read through your documents and highlight anything that might be confusing for someone outside the NHS.
  • Steer clear of lengthy documents. Why use ten words when five will do?
  • Be transparent and clear about what the role involves, and include key information such as shift patterns, working hours and breaks.

Sell what we do

  • Be creative and engaging. Give examples of a typical working day as part of the job advert, or add a video link about the trust.
  • Make sure you share and explain your trust values, as well as how these are used and demonstrated by staff in your organisation.

Expand your criteria

  • When working on a job description or person specification, question whether paid experience or specific experience is needed for the role. Where possible (while still complying with AfC national job profiles) try to remove prohibitive criteria like ‘previous NHS experience’ – this could exclude an ideal candidate.
  • Consider whether you would accept experience of voluntary or training work rather than just paid roles. Often this type of work provides similar or better experience.

Our ThinkFuture communications toolkit provides more advice, guidance and examples of how to promote vacancies to 16-24 year olds.