HR toolkit

Becoming an employer of choice

Being an employer of choice means that people will choose to work for you, they will invest in your organisation’s success and choose to stay with your organisation.

Here are some ways to make sure that your organisation is seen as an attractive career prospect within your local community:

  • consider how you can engage with your local community as part of your corporate social responsibility strategy
  • encourage your employees to act as ambassadors for your organisation through establishing a health ambassadors programme
  • raise your profile in the media by sharing good news stories about your organisation and workforce
  • link with education providers to showcase job roles and work experience opportunities to students who may become your future workforce
  • work in partnership with local education and training providers, JobCentre Plus, charities, and local community groups
  • use communications channels for recruitment that are relevant to your target audience, such as social media, online job sites and NHS Jobs
  • build web pages specifically for young people
  • use posters that appeal to young people and place them with your partners and in other appropriate locations
  • use clear and simple language, and avoid jargon in your communications to make the information more accessible
  • promote training and development opportunities – this will attract and retain a young workforce, and show that you are committed to developing them
  • paint a realistic picture in your communications of what it’s like to work in your organisation, and promote your workplace, culture, values and benefits.