HR toolkit

Benefits of employing young people

It is important that managers understand the potential benefits, skills and abilities that young people can bring.  Use the information below in manager training sessions or briefings.

The benefits

Young people:

  • can boost morale and bring new energy and motivation to the team
  • have fresh new ideas and ways of working
  • can be eager to learn new skills
  • have different and unique skills
  • can be moulded to meet team and skills needs
  • can help the wider team to grow and develop, through peer support or buddying for example
  • can help you prevent workforce supply shortages in the future
  • can reward you with employee loyalty and a workforce with the skills that you need, if you invest in their training and development.

A manager’s perspective on employing young people

Richard O’Connell, therapy assistant coordinator at Birmingham Children’s Hospital shares his experiences of managing young people within the organisation and the benefits they bring to his team.

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