HR toolkit

South Tees case study

Having the right job advert to attract young people

South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (STH) was advertising all its programmes for young people in just one advert. This caused confusion about which role to apply for, and saw young people applying multiple times for the same role.

This case study focuses on the actions STH took to make sure each job opportunity was accessible and distinguishable, including:

  • consulting with young people
  • asking the wider organisation to review the job adverts
  • reviewing the language used
  • considering specifically who the programme was aimed at, when they would need to be available and what entry requirements they would need.

The trust has since seen an increase in the number and calibre of candidates applying. Both candidates and staff in the trust are reducing time in the recruitment process, and the right young people are being recruited.

Read the full case study from STH to find out how the trust was able to streamline its recruitment process.